News update: Michael's album 'The Long Way Home' was released on 10 March 2014. Follow this link for more info and to watch a short film about the making of the album. Get the album on iTunes or purchase the CD using Paypal.

Photograph by Deborah Ripley
New Album: The Long Way Home

Released on Vinyl and Digital download.

A special thanks to the following people
who have contributed to make this album possible:

Sara Wildavsky
Gil Plante
Dean Wengrow
Helen Blum
Clare Finnimore
Chantal Thompson
Peggy Fogarty-Harnish
Jonathan Lee Ming Yew
Deborah Ripley
Andrew Georgiades
Theodore Alper
Emma Lewsley
Hadley Stirrup
Patrick Fogarty
Carol Cornsilk
Jennie Allen
Nicole Miraglia Gross
George Georgiades
Martin Winstone
Walter H. Johnson
Heidi Herrin
Anne Chmelewsky
Duke Levine
Jill Chase
Frances Hall
David Riker
Joan Countryman
Charles & Sarah Conty
Jackie Vosgerichian
Tom O Smith
Luther Lain Gerald Gray
Richard Kelly
Lindsay Davies
Alan Balchin
Shaymaa Obousy
Will Moore
Lynn & Mike Garvey
Alex Cowan
Michael & Katharine Haggiag
Jonathan DeBrunner
Julian V. Miraglia
Judy Henry
Ann Riker
Mark McEvoy
Sam Pettway
Mike Boatright
Gayle Miraglia
Katrina Johnston
Joseph & Patricia McEvoy
Luke Bradford
Joyce Donahue
Jeffrey Brock
Kevin J. & Wendy O'Brien
Timothy Goodchild
Nicholas Woodgate
Barbara Henderson
Stephane Bodier
Lance Stuart Roehrig
Paul Salveson
Alexander Holt
Bob Ater
Lucy Temple
Marc Marot
Mary Miller
John Brady
Phyllis Janowski
Peter Hodgkins
Matt Fretton
Emily Kate McEvoy
Bernadette Strachan
Sandy Canavo
Julian Brookhouse
Tom Oleary
Burn Lamche

Michael is an award-winning composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. His credits include performing, writing and producing music for film and TV, as well as working with some of the biggest names in popular music.

Michael's film work includes composing original music for Richard Linklater's movie Me and Orson Welles starring Zac Efron & Claire Danes and the score for indie feature Forget Me Not (Winner of Best Film, London Independent Film Festival).

Michael has also collaborated on feature film scores with DJ Paul Oakenfold and is an acclaimed documentary composer with credits such as Alien Deep (National Geographic), E=Mc2 (Channel 4) and French Beauty (BBC:Storyville).

His music has been used in many popular dramas and TV series including The Wire, Live From Abbey Road and Young Dracula.

Michael is also known for his work as one of the UK's leading jazz composers. His latest album The Long Way Home has received glowing praise and features a stellar line up of modern British jazz stars including Nigel Hitchcock, Gerard Presencer, Jason Rebello, Ben Castle and James Maddren.

Film & TV

We Wont Survive in Outer Space (Alien Deep Series, Episode 5 / 2012 - National Geographic)

UK Trailer featuring 'original music' cue (Me and Orson Welles / 2008 - CinemaNX/Detour Films)

Jesse - I'm Not A War Hero (Nothing Like the Holidays / 2008 - Overture Pictures)

A New Frontier (Alien Deep / 2012 - National Geographic)

Dawn on the South Bank (Forget Me Not / 2010 - Quicksilver Films)

Ride the Lava Flow (Alien Deep / 2012 - National Geographic series)

iPod Party (Forget Me Not / 2010 - Quicksilver films)

Opening Titles - Welcome Home Jesse (Nothing Like the Holidays / 2008 - Overture pictures)

Vexille goes Into Battle (Vexille / 2007 - FUNimation)
Solo Work

The Long Way Home
An album of new compositions featuring some of UKs finest jazz musicians: Gerard Presencer, Nigel Hitchcock, Ben Castle and Jason Rebello.

Terra Cognita
A reflective journey through sound, Terra Cognita has its roots in world music and jazz, and is a tribute to nature's power and beauty. Visit

Night Sea Journey
Michael's debut instrumental album, released originally on All That Records in 1996, now re-mastered and available on Rezzonator Music.

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Air Edel Associates
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+44 (0) 207 486 6466
Maggie Rodford
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Alison Wright

Trevor Best
Mike plays Nord keyboards

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